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Industry-specific Templates to get the ball rolling...

“Going digital is no longer an option, it is the default.” - Natarajan Chandrasekaran, Chairman, Tata Sons Ltd.

eCommerce Templates

These templates are designed and equipped with eCommerce capabilities. If your business revolves around selling consumer products, these are made for you. No extra costs!

Display Image for Startup Template

Startup Business Template

For entrepreneurs, hustlers, and fellow startups. This template is simple, basic, yet covers all grounds. Worry about the product later!

Display Image for Watch Shop Template

Watch Shop Template

Keep up with the times, old man! Start selling crafts such as watches with this sleek-looking eCommerce template.

Display Image for Jewelry Template

Jewellery Shop Template

Beautiful, elegant, yet professional. This template is designed to capture the female eye.

Display image for Restaurant Template

Restaurant Template

Got a bone to pick? Or Bon Appetit! This is template goes out to all the restaurant and cafe owners.

Display Image for Interior Design Template

Interior Design Template

Are you an Interior Designer? "Build" your website as you would houses with this template, full of landscape shots and sliders.

Display Image for Fashion Store

Fashionista Template

Hype beast or not, this impactful theme comes with grids and dimensions that are perfect for showcasing clothes and apparels.

Display Image for Cactus Art shop

Cactus Art Template

Have a thing for arts and crafts. Yes, you can sell them here. This juicy and succulent theme gives you the perfect aesthetics for crafts.

Display image for Headphone shop templates

Audiophile Shop Template

Did you hear that? That sound's like you need a new pair of headphones! This is a product-centric template for gadget stores.

Non-transactional Templates

These templates are optimized to load fast and are in general, more corporate like. If your website falls under the "services" ball game, these are for you.

Display Image for the Dance Studio Template

Dance Studio Template

For dance studio owners or an aspiring dancers looking to showcase your skills online.

Barber Shop Template

Stay a "cut" above the rest with our barber shop template. Snip away!

Display image for Car Clinic Template

Car Clinic Template

Be it e-meetings, sales appointments, or even if you're not in the industry. Try our Appointment booking feature.

Display image for Bakery template

Bakery Template

Let's get this bread! Share your love for baking online with our pure-bread template for bakers.

Display image for Charity template

Charity Template

Are you a non-profit? Starting a charity campaign? Or fund raising even. This template is for you.

Display image for The Advisor Template

The Advisor Template

This one goes out to the advisory firms and startups out there. Formal, sleek, professional.

Display image for KidQuest

KidQuest Template

A fun, cute, and content-packed template to contain educational content for kids and students. The choice for education centres.

Display image for Yoga Studio template

Yoga Studio Template

For owners of fitness and wellness centres/studios. Perfect for sharing videos and tutorials.


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