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Letsgo Builder Features

Edit and design with ease.

No coding skills required! The Letsgo Website Builder features an incredibly user-friendly interface. Even as a beginner, you will be an expert in no time.

Editing Text on Letsgo Website Builder

Intuitive to build with, less the complicated stuff

Create websites and pages visually, with no unnecessary complicated features that almost see no usage in basic design

Build in real-time

No more going back-end to front-end and straining your eyes. Edit everything as you will see it on your page.

Drag & Drop

Plug and play, drag and drop, whatever you call it. Place your text and buttons anywhere you please.

250+ Templates

Gain access to 250+ templates that are created before-hand by professional designers.

A little extra

More than just text, blocks, and templates. Integrate sliders, tabs and even visual contact forms into your page.

Tools made for creativity

Work at maximum productivity with our content tools

Speed up your design workflow with our smart content tools that show most options for each element right on top of it. This reduces mouse travel considerably and saves time.

  • Rich Text Element
  • Images with Zoom and Focus
  • Easy-to-setup Forms
  • 4000+ Vector Icons
Mobile and Tablet Responsiveness

Fit for any screen

Perfect on desktop, tablet & mobile

We’ve built view ports for all 3 platforms – Desktop, Tablet & Mobile - each with its own special toolkit, so you can offer your visitors a complete viewing experience.

Pop-up builder feature on Letsgo Website Builder

Letsgo Pop-up Builder

Design Seamless Pop-ups

Built-in feature

Say goodbye to building marketing pop-ups in a 3rd party plugin. Letsgo Builder allows you to build pop-ups in and on itself, with the same tools you know and love.

Easy-to-use Triggers & Display conditions

Automate when you want your pop-ups to trigger in seconds with no wait in-between for 3rd party migration.

Headers & Footers

Create an entire website, not just a few pages.

With Headers & Footers blocks, you can build navigation and menu areas with seamless integrations and ease-of-use. Add these headers and footers across all pages and you’ve got yourself a beautiful and functional website that looks complete.

Header and Footer Feature

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